App Website Improvements

  1. Buy Crypto does not work :

  1. Add a Graph of mToken Minting & Redeeming on the right side, above Balances.

  1. Balances should have 2 tabs My Balances and All Balances, not showing 0 balance ( mToken or Token ) to avoid distractions, especially as more coins are added, more about “All Balances” on point 7.

  2. Balances has a border-bottom between token and m-token, it would make more sense to add a table instead of this, and have the following format :

Token | Balance | mBalance | mValue
xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx
xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx
xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx
xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx

  1. Total Value of mTokens Purchased -> should be transformed in Total Value of mTokens into Circulation, these tokens can be redeemed and the number does not reflect the reality of how many assets there are under management, which is lower than the number displayed there.

  2. There should be calculator under the deposit : Screenshot 2020-09-12 at 05.14.37, and show the gain for :

1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 4 years & expected return.

  1. All Balances should be another table

Token | Balance | mValue | Mine % | Circulating %
xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx
xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx
xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx
xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx | xxx

Circulating % should indicate how much of the assets are taken off-chain to generate yield.

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Glad you brought this up Robert.
I left messages on the official telegram only to realize now that you are addressing the UI/UX issues.

-A forum link should be in the governance page. Currently you can only find that in the home page ( as an icon which isn’t very intuitive because the DMM logo was used instead of a forum icon or a book or talk bubble, etc.

“dao.defimoneymarket. com/
app.defimoneymarket. com
governance.defimoneymarket. com
defimoneymarket. com”

If there’s a way to unite all these so it’s seamless, that would be great.

In general, it would be great if the site is a lot more modern. It feels very simplistic, dull and engineered.
First impression matters. The quality of the website determines how the project is perceived. 6.5% sounds great but if the website looks subpar, most people would be hesitant to open their wallet except the crypto nerd.

I’m open to any comments and I hope I’m not being a ‘karen’ for these suggestions. I just want this project to succeed.


This is something I whole-heartedly agree with. I have them all memorized and visit them different sites regularly- they are all important and I would love to see a way for them all to be integrated.

The team has been working very hard and accomplished a lot in very little time. I’m happy with all the work they’ve done and looking forward to the future. I hope that includes more revamping of the webpage - as you said it’s the first impression and very important to have a good first impression.


Nice thread, I’ll post some bug I found later