DAO participation for the move to the new L1 chain

I’m very excited for the move to a new L1 to make fees more efficient! I’m confident cheaper fees will help broader use and engagement within the ecosystem. It can be tough to vote or partake in the m token interest when the fee can be $25 to even $100 at times.

With that said, I would like the DAO to have a chance to discuss the move, participate in discussion of the pros / cons of the final candidate(s), and perhaps when vote on it before it becomes final. I’m sure the team is doing a great job of research and in considering benefits and risks. But I think it would be most appropriate for the entire DAO to be a part of such a big move forward for the project.

Is this something we could have some discussion on here? Or is there a better venue? Perhaps move to a DAO vote when ready?Thanks!


I think I saw the team was deciding between 2 choices. I agree, maybe we put it up for a vote? It would be the first significant vote for the community (everything else has been a lay-up).


A DAO vote when ready; I just hope its Eth compatible