Filler Tokens for off chain deployments

To estimate TVL we need to somehow see how many tokens are in the protocol, because of the transaction to take $300,000 off-chain, this is hard to track. |

I recommend adding “filler” tokens, that are created & destroyed as money is taken off & on chain.

By using these filler tokens ( dmUSDC, dmUSDT, etc ), an raw TVL can be estimated much easier in the future, these simply serve in the background to easily read on-chain the number of tokens that are taken out.

dmUSDC - Deployed mUSDC ( that’s why I’ve added a d as a suffix )

Edit : This is most likely the reason defipulse is also having trouble tracking properly the amount under management, I’ve been looking for the link, because I remember I’ve seen DMM there, but I can’t f ind it anymore.


What do you mean? You can calculate TVL by adding up active mTokens in use for each category and then multiplying by the redemption rate, both data points are available from the smart contracts with activeSupply and getCurrentExchangeRate. If you want to see only what’s available on-chain for redeeming you can check the number of base tokens in the smart contract with balanceOf([mToken address]) in the underlying token’s contract.

It works to get the accrued TVL, not the TVL, by having both the TVL and accrued TVL, it’s possible to calculate the generated Revenue, if you have an idea on how to calculate the “plain TVL” without having filler tokens, please let me know.

Edit : Actually, you’re right, a filler token is not needed, but would’ve helped to track when money was moven off-chain, but that’s what Chainlink will do I guess.

This is actually a really cool idea for tracking which asset introducer deployed capital and how much they’ve deployed. I like this a lot.


Any plan to integrates this ?