Friction Question

How is DMM going to work for cases when it needs to deploy say 50,000$ and the money is already earning interest in the protocol ? Right now there’s the base assets of 9,660k, and the active supply of mTokens is 3,372k, where does the money come from when the supply of active mTokens is higher than the assets, innevitable it will happen, until the assets are deployed, where will the money come from ? And is there a planned date when the DMM will add the ETH / USDT / USDC / DAI that has earned interest back into the protocol ?

This is more of a long-term question, as the current assets that are producing revenue where already there, but the protocol hasn’t been able to fully use them, but at one point the protocol will grow, if lets say DMM was slow to deploy $100,000 and it earned interest for 1 month, generating around $520 interest for that money, where will the 520 come from ? Should there be a Reserve Fund in the DMM that should start growing there instead of the DMG Burn buy-backs ? Maybe 10% of excess revenue should be deployed into the Treasury or a Separate fund until a certain amount is reached to compensate for this future cases when friction will inneviable be an “issue” ? wouldn’t necesarilly call it an issue, rather something that needs to be taken into account that it could happen