Improve Voting System

  • Adding Reason Text field ( optional ), that is displayed trough an Eye icon by clicking on the vote information
  • Add another column to the votes, that displays the date when the vote was cast.
  • Change the “View More” in the voting to display the DAO Profile, instead of redirecting to etherscan,

Nice to have, but complicated I guess :slight_smile:, adding the ability to discuss trough a blockchain based comments on each vote directly, where wallets are connected and comments can be connected to current vote & past votes, there is a solution called 3Box at the moment, but it’s migrating to something called Ceramic

Thanks for the suggestions. I agree that the governance dashbord still needs work, and I think the core team knows that. It’s still an early iteration of it; DAO members are going to need an easy way to make proposals as well.

Governance proposal builder - used to allow anyone to submit a proposal via the UI on the DAO site. Will be made handy for asset introducers as well

This seems to be planned for Q4

I think the move to a more efficient L1 or L2 (as stated in the roadmap) will really help voting as it will lower fees.

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