Liquidity concerns due to end of yield farming season

The yield farming season is likely nearing an end soon as the 1,000,000 dmg will be rewarded to those who provided liquidity.

I think this season had great overall benefits in providing incentives for those with m tokens and dmg to put their tokens to work for the ecosystem and earn more dmg. Additionally, the rewards incurred a dmg burn, which is also a positive. Finally, the main purpose is providing liquidity - and I think this was effective- especially with the dmg / eth pairing.

I have concerns that all this liquidity will be removed within the next few weeks as the reward pool continues to go down. Could we add another season so people do not rush to remove their rewards, or is there another method to ensure the liquidity stays?

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I am a big fan of this farming season! It would be nice to hear sooner rather than later if/when there will be a season 2 (would help with the above liquidity concern).


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