Past Announcements

This thread is a copy/paste of all of the older announcements that have been made on the Telegram and Discord channels. Nothing new here, I just wanted to get as much over as possible.

DMM Swap now supports WalletLink, connect your Coinbase Wallet mobile app to DMM anywhere anytime!

The DeFi Money Market Foundation has submitted a proposal to the
Dxdao which will grant their 400 member DAO an allocation of $DMG governance tokens to help govern and decentralize the DMM DAO!

While bringing interest-generating real world assets on-chain into Ethereum’s #DeFi space is not a trustless process, our goal to make the DMM Ecosystem as trust-minimized, transparent, and permissionless as possible. We aim to achieve this through the DMM DAO, a smart contract security audit, Chainlink’s decentralized oracles, timelocked on-chain upgrades, an ongoing ownership verification scheme, and continually decentralizing over time to minimize any single point of failure

Our proposal to the MakerDAO community to utilize DMM mTokens as collateral for minting the stablecoin $DAI has just been submitted. mTokens mDAI and mUSDC are overcollateralized by interest generating real world assets uncorrelated in value from ETH @here

DMM’s Smart Contracts on Ethereum have completed its security audit from the firm SECBIT with no critical vulnerabilities found! @here

The speed and growth of DMM has been simply amazing thus far, thank you to everyone who deposited and and supported us!

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DMM mTokens including $mETH, $mDAI, and $mUSDC have been integrated into Zerion and the open source DeFi SDK!

More information on our Zerion integration can be found here

We are happy to announce @AlphaWallet now supports DMM’s interest generating real world asset backed mTokens!

Earn 6.25% on $ETH $USDC $DAI through a simple, secure, and intuitive advanced Ethereum mobile wallet via the inbuilt Dapp browser

In order to bring interest-generating real world assets onto the Ethereum blockchain, DMM utilizes the industry standard decentralized oracle network Chainlink to query off-chain data to calculate the ecosystem’s collateralization @here

The DMM Foundation is proud to announce the DMG Governance Token

Decentralization through community participation is key to the success of the DMM DAO

Below is more info on the governance structure and how $DMG is the key to making this a reality @here

The $DMG governance token public sale is now live! :partying_face:

The DMM Foundation is initiating this sale as an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) across two decentralized exchanges

More information below @everyone :point_down:

$DMG is now listed on :fire:

The circulating supply has been made transparently available by tracking the DMMF’s token holdings including timelocked smart contracts

We just have deposited $350k of liquidity to the DMG-ETH pool on the Uniswap decentralized exchange

That’s $350k $DMG and $350k $ETH

Slippage on entering and exiting the DMM DAO Ecosystem is now greatly reduced

Try it out

We want to thank the entire DMM community on the successful public sale of the DMG governance token! :dove:

Below is a recap of the sale and the distribution of DMG, our goal is to ensure the long term sustainability and decentralization of the DMM DAO

Thank you to the entire community for participating in our AMA today! If you didn’t get a chance to see it live, we have written up a transcript for you to :eyes: