Question about DMM Foundation Assets

The DMM Foundation has money in the bank after the pre-sale, sale, and including the Sales Lockbox #2, there should be money in the bank for runway for a few years, I’m wondering, why doesn’t the Foundation deposit their money that are planned for year 2022+ operations in the protocol to gain 6.25% interest yearly, this will also boost mToken usage, and at the same time hard-test the protocol and improve the liquidity as Affiliates are coming up soon, would make a good study case too for companies that have a cash balance, for example, companies like Apple have a part of their money in traditional bonds.


This is a great idea!


Completely agreed. Before, there could be concerns for the cap being unable to accomodate actual users when they came. But with the infrastructure for asset introducers being more or less complete now, there is no reason not to do this, especially considering they wouldn’t just be paying interest to themselves anymore with other parties involved.