Welcome to DMM Governance!

Welcome to the DMM Governance Forum!

A Civilized Platform for Discussion
A decorous setting for sharing of knowledge, finesse and interests - this forum aims to be a civilized platform for promoting all discussion, and it is your cooperation that’ll help us maintain it to the finest extent.

Always ensure that, at no point, must your actions defy the basic guidelines of public decorum. Let’s all do our bit in stimulating a well-lighted atmosphere around here.

Help in Enhancing Discussions
Building around the crux of this forum, enhancing discussions needs to be the focal aim of one and all. Help us make this platform achieve its purpose, by contributing to the topics at hand, however small your contribution may be. Each thought matters.

Kindly be respectful to the topics being discussed here and to each individual’s views on the same, even if your inner self indicates disagreement.

We humbly request every member to first thoroughly browse through the matter being discussed here, and not jump to conclusions or put their points forth without being fully aware of the discussion. It is this practice that’ll markedly help you efficiently share your interests with other like-minded individuals.

Be Respectful!
One simple rule: Decorum at all times, even when in disagreement. It is extremely essential to understand that ideas are what need to be criticized, not people. Kindly avoid posting any comments that may fuel an unhealthy environment in this forum.

Be respectful of others’ opinions, and steer clear of any move that may demean others - such as name-calling, knee-jerk contradiction, fallacious arguments, etc. Instead, participate in a constructive debate, and provide reasoned counter-arguments that’ll help enhance the discussion.

Every Contribution Matters
We strive to make this forum a better place - for discussions - every single day. It is the atmosphere of conversations here that aims to set the tone for every new arrival. Help this community thrive by engaging in constructive discussions, making it an exciting and engaging place to be.

Let’s all work towards making this forum bigger and better.

If You See a Problem, Flag It
Not only are the moderators responsible for maintaining this forum, you are too. It is with your valuable aid that moderators can successfully facilitate community operations.

Every individual here holds power to deal with bad behaviour: the power of flagging. A simple yet effective way to report unwelcome conduct. Strict action shall be taken against any behaviour with enough built up flags.

With the larger interest of the community in mind, the moderators are equipped with the right to remove unruly content or users. Here we must state that new posts put up by members are not previewed by moderators, and shall not be held responsible for any content that may be offensive/displeasing. It is post reporting of such content that appropriate action shall be taken.

Be Civilized!
Any form of hate speech is completely off bounds; kindly be civil while participating in discussions. Refrain from posting spam; vandalizing of the forum shall be deemed as an unruly act. Respecting others is extremely vital; please do not harass/grief or impersonate people. And needless to say, do not post anything that might be considered obscene.

Keep it Organized
Please make the effort to keep the forum organized, so that we spend more time discussing rather than cleaning up.

Don’t start a topic in the wrong category
Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics
Don’t post no-content replies
Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream
Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it

No Plagiarism
No plagiarism, at any cost. Kindly be wary of the ingenuity of the content you’re posting. Posting anyone else’s content without their permission is not permitted. Any such content posted should be accompanied with due credits given to the owner.